our ethos

Real Flow Yoga is a YAP accredited Yoga Training School


we are made up of an expert faculty and a growing community of yoga teachers


we take a flow-state approach to practising and teaching yoga


we strongly value growth, broad knowledge and intuitive adaptability.


Accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals UK


Women’s Wellbeing Course:

Pregnancy Yoga

Postnatal Yoga

Well Womb Woman Yoga

3 stand-alone vocational courses that run over weekends over 6 months

Yoga Alliance Professionals UK Accredited Specialist Course


Open to existing yoga teachers and also other practising pre or postnatal professionals, such as midwifery or hypnobirthing


Learn to teach in a safe and effective way


A unique course syllabus with expert faculty

When you honour flow-state, you honour the woman throughout the cycles and seasons

Well Womb Woman

Non-Residential in Hove


14th and 15th March 2020

18th & 19th April 2020

40 hours (28 contact and 12 self study)



Pregnancy Course

Non-residential in Hove


8, 9th & 10th May 2020

20th & 21st Jun 2020

50 hours (30 contact and 20 self-study)



Postnatal Yoga (& inc. Mum’s & Babies)

Non-Residential in Hove


12th & 13th Sep 2020

17th & 18th Oct 2020

40 hours (28 contact and 12 self study)



Complete all 3 courses to gain the

Real Flow Yoga Women’s Wellbeing Certification

special price of £1200

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expert teaching faculty


know the real flow

tammy mittell

down to earth / energetic/inquisitive

tammy mittell

course curator & senior yoga teacher

bright / articulate / witty

helen o'neill

physiotherapist & yoga teacher

fluid / creative / grounded

bess scarlett

flow yoga teacher & mentor

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