yoga teachers are students

yoga teachers are students

as a qualified yoga teacher there are still plenty of reasons to keep studying.  Completing your first yoga teacher training is when you will realise that the journey has just begun. It’s when you realise that 200 hours of training can only really give you a small glimpse into the ocean of potential that is yoga teaching!

if like me, you have a thirst for knowledge, you’ll find that completing more than one teacher training is really worthwhile. I have trained every year of my career since first qualifying ten years ago and even when repeating qualifications I have still learned something invaluable in every single training course.


10 reasons for a yoga teacher to do a yoga teacher training


1 . to deepen or refresh

your understanding of anatomy or yoga philosophy and refine your abilities to apply them within your classes


2. to increase your skill

and effectivity of the finer points of teaching such as teaching intuitively and adaptively


3. to improve your own self-practice

have a more experienced teacher help you develop the more technical aspects of the postures so that you can explore them more efficiently in your own self-practice


4. make connections

to broaden your network and build your community of yoga teachers


5. healing and self-enquiry

deepen your meditation and breathing practices. Delve-into some transformational work, explore new tools and techniques


6. spend time with your teacher

working with a particular teacher with whom you resonate with can really deepen your understanding of yoga


7. help your students

a new training can allow you to offer your existing client base some new yoga teachings, perhaps you usually teach hatha yoga but are interested in vinyasa


8. improve your business acumen

gaining more skills and qualifications can help you to build up your existing client base, your profile and your class schedule


9. the long-run

stay ahead of the competition and keep updated with the latest developments within the field of research and industry to maintain your competitive edge and be a yoga teacher for the long-run


10. inspiration

spending time in the learning environment sustains your creativity and helps to keep your passion for yoga alive so that you stay motivated in your teaching