meet the team

we are a collective of experienced yoga teachers from unique and diverse backgrounds. Between us, our range of expertise and skills will provide you with a broad knowledge base. We have each carved out our own path and niche within the yoga industry and have a shared passion for the Real Flow Approach to teaching. We aim to bring out your full potential as an intuitive, original and authentic teacher.

tammy website

down to earth / energetic / inquisitive

tammy mittell

Real Flow Yoga course founder

will be teaching:

instinct module: practice, teaching methodology & yoga ethics

intellect module.2 & 3: yoga history & philosophy

intuition module:  adapting to teaching contexts



Founder of Real Flow Yoga and creates and teaches on all courses. 25 years of yoga self-practice. 15 years of teaching yoga privately and publicly across all settings from 1-2-1 to group classes. Has taught over 10,000 class hours, been lead teacher on over 30 yoga retreats across Europe, over 20 workshops and events and 6 festivals.



Real Flow Yoga! Women’s wellbeing from pregnancy and postnatal to mums and babies yoga, flow yoga, pilates, thai yoga massage and primal movement.


tammy’s students include:

West Ham United First Team Footballers, the over 65s, pregnant ladies, mums and babies, regular dynamic classes.


tammy’s teachers include:

Shiva Rea, Edward Clark, Paul Grilley, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli, Richard Freeman


tammy’s training includes:

Prana Flow (250 hours), Tripsichore (140 hours) Jivamukti (180 hours), Ashtanga (80 hours), Sivananda (50 hours), Yin Yoga (50 hours), Thai Yoga Massage (50 hours), Pregnancy Yoga (80 hours), Classical Ashtanga Yoga (320 hours), Iyengar-inspired Hatha (200 hours), Vipassana Meditation (13 days), Pilates (100 hours)


where to find tammy’s classes:


pursuits before yoga?

BSc Banking & International Finance and MSc in Development Economics at SOAS University. Worked in the Bank of England as a Research Assistant then a Hedge Fund as a Fund Manager’s Assistant, leaving the City behind, aged 23 years old.


interests outside of yoga?

family life with 2 children


fluid / creative / grounded

bess scarlett shipside

flow yoga teacher

will be teaching:

instinct module: real flow yoga practices & the Art and Science of Teaching: teaching methodology , yoga ethics & mentoring

CPD workshops & mentoring



10 years of self practice – 4 years of teaching full time  group classes, workshops, events, festivals, retreats and 121’s



Bess is a true pursuer of the flow. She skill-fully guides and empowers her students in their movement towards the flow state. She emphasises the subtle energy body, which is conveyed through her eloquent instruction and the quality of her hands-on assists.

bess’ training / qualifications include:

10 years of self practice – 4 years of teaching full time  group classes, workshops, events, festivals, retreats and 121’s. 

Currently studying for 300 hours Prana Flow, Hatha (200 hours), Strala ( 200 hours), Elemental Mandala Vinyasa and Shamanism ( 100 hours), Geranda Samhita (30 hours),  Prana Flow Modules- bhakti, circular power, movement mediations ( 69 hours), Thai Yoga Massage


style of yoga:

flow: real flow yoga, prana flow, strala, yin,


bess’ teachers:

regular travel to india for study with Sajaveen of Santi School of Yoga ( Hatha Yoga), Shiva Rea (Prana Flow), Tara Stiles ( Strala Yoga), Rod Stryker ( Para Yoga) , Elizabeth Garvey ( London Fields Yoga), Spike Warwick ( thai yoga massage), Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People)


bess’ students:

a wide- range of people who come to open classes, professional athletes, over 65’s


where to find bess

teaching regularly in beautiful studios around east and central London-


interests outside of yoga?

Fine Art Degree, Post Graduate in Drawing from Royal Drawing School – drawing, painting laughing, being outdoors, cooking, trying new things 


bright / witty / articulate

helen o'neill

anatomy & physiology yoga teacher

will be teaching:

intellect module.1:  applied anatomy & physiology



She is currently owner and director of Fix, 2  multi-disciplinary sports injury clinic in East London. Practiced yoga for 20 years and has taught for 8 years she is the Co-Director and of yoga teacher training platform ‘Threes Physiyoga Method’. Helen was also a key practitioner at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games, and has also worked with the Canadian Snowboard Team and the Canadian National Triathlon team.



specialist physiotherapist in movement analysis and dysfunction.


helen’s training / qualifications include:

Post-Graduate Diploma in Manual and Manipulative Therapy in (2007). First Class hons in Physiotherapy (Salford University).Bcs  in Human Movement Science (Liverpool University) . Vinyasa Krama Yoga Training (200hr) Teachers include Julia McCabe, Meghan Currie and Seane Corn.


style of yoga practiced:

Ashtanga, Bikram, Vinyasa Krama, Anusara, Kundalini and Forrest yoga


helen’s mission:

to increase, safety in classes, empower teachers and bridge a gap between yoga and western medicine.


where to find helen:


interests outside of yoga?

the great outdoors, skiing & snowboarding


empowering / supportive / playful

haley blackman

yoga teacher & mentor

will be teaching:

The 200-hr Teacher Training Course, Mentoring & future CPD & YAPTA Retreats

haley’s approach to yoga teaching:

vinyasa flow and yin yoga delivered in a laid back, warm and friendly way.



practiced yoga for 15 years and carried out 700 hours of training over the last 4 years. She teaches regular classes in her hometown in Somerset and runs retreats.



women’s wellbeing. Empowering women and raising issues around menarch and female body Image, especially through the conduit of social media.


haley’s projects

workshop and retreat series ‘Wild Women Wellbeing”.


hayley’s teachers include:

Shiva Rea, Katy Appleton, Meghan Currie, Elena Brower, and Kathryn Budig.


haley’s training includes:

Vinyasa Flow, Prana Flow, Yin, Pre & Postnatal Yoga, Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Teens, and Working with Yoga and Eating Disorders.


where to find haley’s classes:

PALETACalmQuality (1)

artistic / visionary / unique

P A L E T A CalmQuality

yoga teacher & mentor

will be teaching:

CPD workshops in London

paleta’s specialisms:

P A L E T A is a globally recognised movement performance artist. Her work is original, experimental and wholly mesmerising. She truly embodies the flow of her creative impulse and creates art in motion. In addition to performance she is a choreographer, a movement director and a personal creative movement coach. Her projects include collaborations with musicians and other artists and her latest feature is in the FKA Twigs X NIKE Campaign  – do you believe in more?’


paleta’s offerings:

Paleta will bring on the REAL flow to the Real Flow teacher training! Her unique style and expressive experimental approach to movement has culminated into her offering an approach to movement training which she calls CalmQuality. CalmQuality – is an holistic approach to her artistry that pervades into a way of living. The emphasis is on cultivating Calm (defined as solitude, patience, observation, trust and gratitude) to bring about more Quality into your movement, wellbeing and life. In the Real Flow Yoga Instinct Module, Paleta will offer CalmQuality to reveal an approach to creative flow.


paleta’s yoga background:

flow yoga, yin yoga, ashtanga


paleta’s mission:

to empower others to tap into their own gifts, unfold their truth and transmit that into their movement


paleta’s students include:

Brian Rose (host & founder of LondonReal), FKAtwigs, NIKEwomen collaborators,

runwayhouse (trainings program), regular dynamic classes dancers, artists and anyone that wants to use movement as a form of self-expression


where to find paleta:


Earnest / Adventurous / Curious

Hayley Mia Bulman

Flow Teacher

will be sharing her experience on:

intuition module: Business of Yoga and teaching across different contexts


Hayley’s experience:

+ 10 years of self practice beginning with Mysore style Ashtanga and yin. Teaching a broad range of students across the world from open classes, 1-2-1’s, corporate yoga, festivals, and yoga retreats. For the last 3 years she has been living in India managing the yoga and development of a surf and yoga retreat. Whilst in India she visits  the Sivananda Ashram regularly.


Hayley’s specialisms:

Teaching yoga in magical retreat settings, including India, sri lanka and silver Island in Greece. Yoga for surfers and the intuitive breath based mindful flow. Swedish and deep tissue massage therapy.


Hayley’s students include:

A broad range of people varying from athletes, surfers, yogis.


Hayley’s teachers include:

Luiz Veiga, Edward Clarke, Heather Elton, Stuart Gilchrist, Jamie and Dulce (The Yoga People)


Hayley’s training includes:

Ashtanga  (200 hours), Heather Elton Yoga (200 hours), Tripsichore (150 hours) Hatha yoga (200 hours)


where to find Hayley:

pregnancy yoga teacher training UK

Women's Wellbeing CPD

Leni Rowles

Midwife & Birth and Pregnancy Educator

Leni will be teaching:


Pregnancy Yoga CPD & Postnatal Wellbeing CPD


Leni’s background:


Leni is an experienced London based midwife. She has assisted hundreds of women in birthing and breastfeeding their babies.


After a first degree in Psychology, Leni went on to qualify in Midwifery at King’s College London in 2011.


She has been employed by Guy’s and St Thomas’s NHS Foundation Trust for 7 years, working across many areas, from community caseload midwifery attending home births, to support of families on the busy postnatal ward, and high risk labor and birth care on the hospital birth centre.


Leni currently works as a Specialist Infant Feeding Midwife in the Lambeth community. So she has in-depth experience across pregnancy to birth through to postnatal care.


Leni is very holistic in her approach and  has actively sought opportunities to learn and develop her practice, even traveling to Tennessee, USA, to study with her hero, birthing guru Ina May Gaskin on The Farm.


Leni’s offerings:


Leni will provide the important technical and in-depth understanding of pregnancy and labour that a pregnancy teacher should know. She will cover all the elements of  ‘what to expect when expecting’ . She will also lead you through the anatomy and physiology of birth, explore the stages of labour, and also provide an impartial overview of the clinical and holistic options for pain relief during birth.


Leni’s yoga background:


Leni grew up with yoga. Her mother is an experienced and well respected Iyengar teacher that trains others. Leni is also training to become an Iyengar teacher.


Leni’s mission:


to empower women to experience birth positively. She is passionate about providing holistic support for women. She considers not just the clinical but also the psychological and emotional support of women and their families as of paramount importance to allow a women to achieve the most positive experiences and outcomes throughout her childbearing journey, whatever the nature of their journey.


Women's Wellbeing Educator

Debbie Clark

Holistic Health Coach

Debbie will be teaching:


Well Womb Woman CPD


Debbie’s background:


Debbie Clark is an experienced researcher, educator and presenter within the well-being sector. She has practiced yoga for over 30 years and has been teaching yoga for the past 8 years. 


With a Research Masters in Sports and Exercise at Winchester University, she has researched and refined contemporary advice on lifestyle, diet and exercise and specialised in research into the menopause.


As a former lecturer and innovator in growth mindset and change management within the further education sector; she is expert in presenting information in an accessible format to a variety of audiences.



Debbie’s offerings:


Debbie’s wealth of knowledge into women’s wellbeing will be shared during the well womb woman module. In particular her research into menopausal issues and health.

Debbie’s yoga background:


Debbie has practiced yoga for over 35 years. She has been teaching yoga in her community since 2002. In addition to her regular hatha yoga class, she set a popular beginners yoga class just for men.


Debbie’s qualifications:


October 2017 : Winchester University/ Research Masters MRes in Sport & Exercise


June 2002: Inner Yoga Trust / Teacher’s programme  (Accredited by the  BWY and Yoga Alliance)


​July 1996: La Sainte Union/ BA (Hons) Post Compulsory Education


July 1993: Farnborough College of Technology/ BA (Hons) Post Graduate Certificate of Education


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