Women Empowerment through Womb Yoga with RFY Teacher Harriet Elizabeth

Harriet is Yoga Teacher based in Birmingham. Her passion for holding space for women to connect to the divine feminine within themselves emerged out of her own personal journey of illness to wellbeing and pain to empowerment.


Harriet like the others that find themselves on the Real Flow Yoga Well Womb Woman YTT had the personal revelation that the female body is largely ignored within a traditional yoga practice.


So when she encountered illness that affected her womb, she was then motivated to seek out a spiritual practice elsewhere that did encompass an understanding and a space for the female body. She delved into women’s wellbeing texts such as ‘Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom’ by Dr Christiane Northrupp and works by The Red School. Her exploration lead her to cultivate a relationship to her menstrual cycle and a deeper understanding into her relationship to her own femininity.


 “The RFY Well Womb Woman course allowed me to integrate the womb wisdom insights from other sources back into the yoga practice in a really grounded, embodied way, which I feel is so important when working with these kind of topics because all of the wisdom is already all contained within the body” says Harriet


Harriet explains in this zoom interview how cultivating the relationship with her own womb lead her to experience a re-orientation of her entire world view so that she was able to respect and honour the feminine within the world around her. This seismic shift in perception lead her to find more self-love and respect and it brought about more integration and balance of the feminine and masculine within her life.


Harriet’s intention is to facilitate a space where the feminine is acknowledged, honoured and celebrated.


She talks about the value she has found from maintaining specifically women-only separate spaces through her women’s circles because it allows for a safe and sacred container to explore the emotional (sometimes traumatic) and also subtle energetics that arise when women gather together with shared intentionality.


In addition to women’s circles in person and online, Harriet runs a book club that selects texts on women from history and she will also be running women wellbeing retreats in the UK and online workshops and courses.


You can find out more about Harriet and her offerings here