Story of Real Flow Yoga

Everybody likes a story.


My story, nor the story of how Real Flow was founded isn’t a particularly exciting or original one.


In fact it’s quite an average story of patience and practice. Since the age of 14 years old I’ve practised yoga but without anyone or any deity to call my guru.


I’ve always been interested in many different styles of yoga. Having a varied practice meant that I didn’t fit the mould as a ‘specialist niche’ yoga teacher so had to make my own breaks.

I became business savvy and set up community classes, retreats, workshops. I taught real people whose bodies didn’t bend or flex like a typical yogi’s!

My clients ranged from stressed out corporate executives, to the over 65’s to pregnant ladies to premiership footballers.

This diversity of experience meant that I learned to think on my feet and adapt the yoga to meet the real needs of real people.

Despite the norm to pigeon-hole, I continued allowing my journey into yogic discovery to take a rich and diverse route. Even looking beyond the field of yoga and into other modalities such as positive psychology.

My exploration has involved over 20 years of self-practice, over 1000 hours of various yoga training immersions plus over 8000 hours of actual teaching.

Soon I discovered there were others like me, who love to embrace challenge and change. Together we pave a new approach and build our own community of creative, open-minded misfits amidst an ever more ‘cookie cutter’ yoga community.


Thus begins Real Flow Yoga.

Our specialism is that we are adaptable, inclusive, ‘keep–it-real’ teachers.
We are grounded yet intuitive and can flow between many yoga styles to meet the needs of our diverse students.

Our flow-state approach to yoga is what we impart with our teacher training course, to empower you to enjoy self-acceptance, honesty and freedom.

Keep it Real people and let things flow!”