nutrition, yoga and wellbeing for busy women


I had the pleasure of reconnecting with alumni Real Flow Yoga graduate Blanka Campbell who has also been busy over the last few years qualifying as a nutritionist. Blanka specialises in women’s hormonal health and nutrition.

In this below video blog we discuss the wellbeing hack for busy women and how yoga can be an amazing tool for supporting your life and wellbeing goals. We conclude that the yoga doesn’t need to be complicated or time consuming but rather simple and convenient in order for it to be most effective and consistent in your life.



We also discuss Real Flow Yoga’s latest offering the 30-day 30 minute Yoga Reset Program which is designed to make positive changes in your life over 1 month with just 30 minutes of daily practice.



You can find out more about the amazing work that Blanka does with her 1-2-1 and group clients on her fantastic website.

Blanka’s Youtube Channel is here 

Hear Blanka talk about nutrition and women’s wellbeing here