love yoga but don’t want to teach?

if you love yoga but don’t see yourself as a yoga teacher, a yoga teacher training course can still be a hugely beneficial journey to go on. It opens up a gateway to a whole new lifestyle.



real flow yoga teacher training course

10 reasons to do a yoga teacher training



1. deepen your yoga practice

learn more about the technical aspects of yoga and meditation and experience it on a deeper level


2. improve your health

immerse yourself in order to improve your overall wellbeing, get fitter, stronger, more supple with better body awareness


3. empowerment

cultivate life-long skills that allow you to take responsibility for your own health and self-healing


4. break old habits

make sustainable positive lifestyle changes and break through self-limiting beliefs or negative habits


5. self-enquiry

ponder deeply upon the big questions in life such as why are we here? what’s your/our purpose, what is a soul?


6. gain space and get perspective

perhaps you are at a junction point and going through some big life changes. i.e. a career change, or have had a baby or have been through a break-up


7. build up your confidence

improve your public speaking, free up your voice, release inhibitions and self-doubt


8. unlock your creativity

identify the source of your inspiration and connect to your heart and emotions more


9. take on a new challenge

experiment and take on an adventure plus make new life-long friendships


10. help other people

take the new-found skills back to your family and friends, your community and/or to your primary profession to bring great comfort, ease and inspiration for others



if these points resonate with you, check out Real Flow yoga teacher training course that is running this 26th Aug – 16th Nov 2017. come along to a free taster workshop to meet us and find out more in person