10 Hacks to Enhance Wellbeing Through Creativity

Have you ever wondered why being creative feels so rewarding?


My understanding of it is that creativity induces flow-state and flow-state further cultivates creativity.

When we are in flow-state and within the creative process we are in effect within a state of meditation.

This trilogy of creativity, flow-state and meditation work together to optimise wellbeing.

For me it’s always been my yoga practice as well as teaching yoga has been my method of meditation, my source of flow-state and my medium of creative expression which all certainly provide me with a sense of wellbeing.

Being creative feels good and is good for me. Intuitively, I know this but the mechanisms of why and how creativity works is a little bit of an enigma. It’s one thing to unwittingly experience the creative process as it unfolds but to really understand the creative process, it is worthwhile deconstructing it. In doing so, you can identify the elements within it in order to consistently recreate the experience again and again and go deeper into it, not only for mastery but to enhance flow-state, meditation and wellbeing.

My sister Hanna Beech is deputy head of an arts primary school with over a decade of teaching experience. She has spent much of her career studying and implementing strategies for Wellbeing within schools. Wellbeing, the arts and elevating Teaching skills are her passion. She is currently writing a book aimed at school teachers to help them develop their teaching skills. It’s a book that is packed full of 60 second teaching hacks. It’s her job to understand processes in order to unlock potential and optimise outcomes, so who better to ask about creativity?!

We got together for a discussion on how creativity can enhance wellbeing in an effort to expose the elements within the creative process which are responsible for flow-state, meditation and joy.  We discovered that identifying these elements can optimise wellbeing by boosting self-confidence and resilience as well as sharpen focus and increase collaborative skills.

Here are Hanna Beech’s

10 Hacks to optimise the creative process 


  1. Set the intention to let go 

Before you commence, to release expectation of process, outcomes or end goals.  Let go of your insecurities and allow yourself to open into your own vulnerabilities. Let go of rigidity, control, structure and boundaries to be open and receptive to new ideas


  1. Plan & anticipate

Create a plan for the intended outcome to an extent. Ask yourself or others: What do we/you want to achieve? Spend time anticipating what might happen throughout the creative process. Predict possible problems and prepare and plan


  1. Champion choice

Encourage, celebrate and enjoy the expression of choice


  1. Discern structure from free expression

Step back and step in- know the difference between applying (or teaching) key knowledge or skills and over directing the creativity


  1. Lead by example

When creating with others or facilitating for others, Role model your own expression, not as an example of outcome but an example of expression


  1. Go with the flow

Appreciate the changing feelings of process of creativity


  1. Ask questions

Ask yourself, ask others: what do you want to do now? how do you want to?


  1. Have fun

Allow engagement to lead the creativity. It should be enjoyable. It might go over ten minutes or ten days…


  1. Evaluate the process and outcome

Take time to reflect upon the creative process, the ups and downs, the flows and the stagnations.


  1. Celebrate and Connect

Take your creation out to share with others


How about you? If you reflect upon your creativity, next time, can you implement these tips into your process?