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The YogiMama Birth-to-Fitness Program has been created to support, inform and guide a woman through postpartum.


The YogiMama Course addresses a woman’s needs beyond the physical but also offers practices that address the mental and emotional levels of her being.


Self-Care and safety are emphasized throughout and it is important that each woman works at her own individual pace.


It is designed to be suitable for use from week 1 postpartum* and the program carefully and gradually progresses up to 9 months postpartum.


The Course is organised into 3 main parts






Each Part (i.e. HEAL, REBUILD REVITALISE) is structured to take roughly 3 months each Part is further organised into phases. The course provides suggested timeframes and durations  for each phase but it’s important to allow for leeway in this. There are no ‘should’ and taking your own pace is emphasised throughout.


YogiMama program is also multi-disciplinary in it’s approach and introduces elements of strength conditioning and Pilates in addition to Yoga.


Every Phase within each Part of the course includes instruction and resources for the following Practices:



*Of course, every woman’s postnatal journey is unique and some may not feel ready to engage in and start so immediately or she may encounter this Program at a later stage postpartum, which is totally fine. This has been accounted for and so ultimately a woman can commence and benefit from the program at any point a she feels interested and willing, whether she is 5 days postpartum or 5 years! When undertaking the course, you should take your time and move through the phases, repeat when necessary and then progress to the next phase ONLY when you feels ready. You can embark on this course at any point but should always start from the 1st phase irrespective of how long it’s been since birth.