INSTINCT Module: 2 weeks in Mexico 24th Sep - 8th Oct 2022

INTELLECT Module: 2 long weekends Online Zoom 28-30th Oct / 11-13th Nov 2022

INTUITION Module: 2 nights on retreat centre, East Sussex 25th-27th Nov 2022



24th Sep -8th Oct 2022

casa de olas, Puerto Escondido, Mexico

this module focuses on the experience of yoga to awaken the intelligence within your instincts. You will delve deep into our own experience of yoga and meditation within an immersive retreat environment. This includes all aspects of the 8-limbs of yoga; yoga ethics, postures, breathing techniques retreating inward of the senses, concentration and meditation and the exploration of the notion of bliss.  You will also workshop the postures in more depth and explore the art of teaching yoga, including verbal queues and hands-on-assists. The communal living in a wonderful natural setting will really provide a transformational experience.


Puerto Escondido is a port town and resort on Mexico’s Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca. The town’s central Principal Beach is lined with palm trees and is a well known surf spot.



Our beautiful boutique accommodation is located on the ocean directly between Central Playa Zicatela and La Punta Zicatela.


 It features include a large open living, dining and kitchen area, half bath and large swimming pool terrace on the main level.

yoga practice

teaching methodology

yoga lifestyle & ethics

(120 hours)

we cover

heat flows – 6 x Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga sequences ~inspired by Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Prana Flow and Tripsichore

cool flows – 6 x Slow Yoga Flow sequences ~inspired by Sivananda, Restorative, Lunar and Yin Yoga

yoga pose 101 workshops on tricks, tips and techniques for postures

art of hands-on-assists with inspiration from Thai Yoga Massage

sharing circles

talks & seminars on Yoga Lifestyle & Ethics


students experience 14 days of yoga immersion, comprised of 12 training days and 1 day of rest. Each day follows this schedule:

    • sunrise yoga & meditation practice
    • breakfast
    • yoga poses 101 workshop & art of hands-on assists
    • lunch
    • free time on the beach
    • sunset evening & meditation practice
    • dinner
    • evening yoga lifestyle talk

    • fortnight schedule

      sat 24th Sep – travel day, welcome and settle in

      sun 25th Sep- friday 7th Oct full training days

      saturday 1st Oct DAY OFF (after AM short written test and mentor check-in)

      saturday 8th Oct travel day


YTT mexico oct 2022




& Bianca

travel information:

Fly to Mexico City then it’s a 1 hour flight to Puerto Escondido. Our accommodation is a 45 minute taxi ride from the airport.It is strongly recommended that you book your flight to Puerto Escondido (from London Heathrow) as soon as possible.


You select the recommended flights:

Recommended Flight

Outbound :

FRI 23rd Sep 2022 

Dep LHR 22:30 Arrive MEX 04:10

Stay at Mexico City from 04:10 to 09:45

SAT 24th Sep 2022

Dep MEX 09:45 Arrive PXM 11:02


SAT 8th Oct 2022

Dep PXM 17:23

Arrive MEX 18:45

Dep MEX 23:15

9th Oct 2022

Arrive LHR16:00

£637 inc taxes

I’ve chosen these flights because not only are they the cheapest, but they give require the least stop over in Mexico City.



2 long weekends Zoom Classrooms 28-30th Oct & 11th – 13th Nov 2022

intellect module:  part 1:


functional anatomy (20 hours)

28th 30th Nov 2022 Zoom Online Classroom

the first part of the intellect module covers current scientific understanding of anatomy and physiology with relevance to yoga techniques including: fundamentals of anatomy body part by Muskuloskeletal system, connective tissue and fascia and the Nervous System structure and functional anatomy. This includes the dynamics of the anatomy within yoga postures and also subtle energetic concepts based on Tantric and Hatha Yoga.



friday 28th Oct 2022

10- 11am Real Flow Yoga practice

11-1pm The Subtle Body & Energetic Anatomy

1pm-3 pm Bodily Systems

3:15-3:30 pm break

3:30-5:30pm Structure and Fascia

5:30pm-6:00pm guided yoga nidra


Sat 29th Sep & Sunday 30th July

9:30am – 6pm

Functional Anatomy with Helen O’Neil


Helen O’Neil

and Tammy

intellect module: part2:

zoom online

history & philosophy of yoga

(18 hours)


Sat 11th – 13th nov 2022


history of yoga includes tracing the origins of yoga and asking the question, can we really speak of such a thing as a yoga philosophy?! We will provide a broad overview of the key influential yogic texts and you will be able to weave history into the presence of your classes.

philosophy of yoga involves a comparative study of classical and tantric traditions. We will explore key scripture, samples from Rg Veda and Upanisads, then more in depth study of the Bhagavad Gita, Sutras and the Hatha Pradipika. We will also delve into Tantra taking a look at the Vijnana Bhairava.

This module includes much discussion and sharing for critical consideration of yoga philosophy and it’s relevance in contemporary yoga practice and modern life in general.



Tammy Mittell



25th – 27th Nov 2022

Retreat Centre East Sussex, UK

intuition module

25th -27th Nov 2022 (20 hours)

this is a ‘Bhakti, Karma and Dharma’ Retreat whereby the trainees work together to co-create the experience of a retreat and in doing so, receive not only hands-on experience in how to run a retreat, but also really build upon their Real Flow community ties with fellow trainees.

The aim of this module is to assimilate all of your learning so far so that you are ready to intuitively adapt your teaching to various different contexts.

This module will equip you as a yoga teacher with the confidence to teach 1-2-1’s , public group yoga classes in gyms, studios or community halls and also to run and theme your own workshop series.

The second half of the module is dedicated to the business of yoga, how to operate with authenticity, integrity and really integrate the ethics of yoga within the business and industry of it.

We will cover admin, the practicalities of being a freelance yoga teacher, marketing and personal branding, including social media.

This module completes your training and our closing ceremony will be held.


Venue TBC


real flow yoga teacher training


In this retreat setting we will get the opportunity to step-into the experience of communal living, sharing the cooking and going for lovely winter walks in the British countryside. It is a wonderful way to end the course and solidify the bonds you make with your fellow trainees


teaching contexts

business of yoga

closing ceremony

(20 hours)



Tammy Mittell



a 2-night yoga retreat

    • yoga & meditation practice
    • breakfast
    • business of yoga / teaching contexts
    • lunch
    • practice teaching
    • sunset evening yoga & meditation practice
    • dinner
    • talk / seminar