10 unique aspects of the Real Flow Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga teacher training can be an incredible and transformative experience. It can also be super challenging in many ways. There is so much choice out there so it can be difficult to know what’s the best yoga teacher training course for you.

I have undertaken +1000 hours of professional yoga teacher trainings over the years. This has lead me to put together all my favourite aspects into what I believe to be THE best yoga teacher training course.

Here are 10 things about THIS course which make it truly special:

1. Optimal training structure

The 3-month course provides the ideal combination of retreats and weekends. The immersive retreats allow you to go deep into the experience and then the weekend workshops allow you to integrate the teachings into your daily life. This structure is optimal for learning and also makes becoming a yoga teacher a really enjoyable experience . You get plenty of opportunity progress and feel the transformational effects of going deeper into your yoga practice. You also a chance to really bond with your teacher and fellow trainees.


2. Freedom within the Flow

We offer the right balance of structure and freedom to allow you to be creative yet technically skillful as a yoga teacher. The ethos of Real Flow Yoga is unique in it’s emphasis on the flow-state. We delve into the latest research on positive psychology and learn the practical ways in which to access and apply the flow-state as yoga teachers.

3. Expert and diverse Teaching Faculty

Everyone within the Real Flow teaching faculty are true experts within their specialism. All have carved out successful careers in teaching being true to their own unique path. See more of our faculty here


4. 3 Locations, 2 retreat immersions!

It’s unheard of to receive 2 retreat experiences as part of your yoga teacher training but this is what we offer! We start with a fortnight in a beautiful part of Portugal. After a few weekend workshops in Brighton, we complete the training with another retreat module in the Kent countryside.

5. We cover many styles of yoga

Real Flow Yoga is inspired by broad and comprehensive range of yoga styles and lineages. i.e. yin, restorative, lunar yoga, hatha and dynamic vinaysa lineages such as ashtanga, prana flow, tripsichore, sivananda, jivamukti. Not only does this expand your understanding of what you love but you also become well equipped to be an adaptable yoga teacher to meet the needs of your student.

6. Plenty of support

We provide lots of regular and bespoke 1-2-1 support throughout the process with highly effective and inspiring assignment projects to develop your practice and teaching.



7. Learn to teach 12 distinct real flow yoga sequences

We provide you with class templates that allow you to create your own sequences but also you learn to practice and teach 12 signature Real Flow Yoga sequences. 6 are dynamic ‘Heat Flows’ and 6 are low tempo ‘Cool Flows’. They are suitable for all levels of practitioner and can be adapted to a huge range of teaching contexts from 1-2-1, workshop series, retreats and even specialist classes like pre and postnatal. Here’s a sample of the Heat Mula Flow Sequence


8. Strong emphasis on spiritual growth and discipline in practice

The work we do on the training is designed to provoke intelligent thinking and bring out the best in you. We help you develop a steady, safe and strong home practice so that you become self-sufficient and awaken the inner guru.



9. Build your sense of trust, mindfulness and authenticity

Through the deep practices and the art and science of teaching yoga you learn to awaken and trust your instincts, intellect and intuition so that you are the best version of yourself and become an authentic and unique teacher.


10. Growth-Mind Set and positive learning

positively encouraging approach to learning, our ethos promotes  a growth-mind set, where trainees are unafraid to make ‘mistakes’ or   express themselves wholeheartedly


So if you’re interested in finding out more, get in touch, or come and meet us at one of our events. Our next Yoga Teacher Training 200-hour kicks of in June in Portugal check out more details here