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Women’s Wellbeing

Thai Yoga Massage

24-26th May 2019

Women’s Wellbeing Thai Yoga Massage Training Course

Thai Yoga Massage is unique and deeply nurturing.


The treatment is carried out on the ground with plenty of cushions and support and is also fully clothed.


The experience is very therapeutic as it combines the physical and energetic benefits of yoga with massage.


This unique course specialises in womb wellbeing, with techniques specific to menstrual health, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

You will build knowledge and develop skills and techniques: 


– Become proficient in the art of therapeutic touch


– Learn and Practice full Thai Yoga Massage routines


-Learn the positions and techniques specific to women’s wellbeing


– Practice feminine flow Yoga specifically for menstrual wellbeing, pregnancy and birth , postnatal recovery


-Gain in-depth understanding of the Thai yoga philosophy and approach to women’s wellbeing


– Learn the specific contra-indications and benefits of thai yoga massage during pregnancy and postpartum


This Course is designed and beneficial especially for:


Bodyworkers and therapists, yoga teachers, mothers and expectant mothers, hypnobirthers, midwives, doula’s and birth partners.



    Yoga & Meditation

    Group Study and Sharing

    Thai Yoga Massage Technique Training




    Fri 24th May 2019 – Well Womb:

    (menstrual and emotional wellbeing, fertility, Peri and menopause)


    Sat 25th May 2019 Pregnancy and Birthing


    Sun 26th May 2019 – Postnatal 



    £400 for all 3 days

    or £350 early bird before 1st Feb 2019

    or £150 per day training


    Tammy’s home studio in Hove, BN3 6BH



    email to

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A course developed by experts in Thai Yoga Massage and Women’s Wellbeing


Julian Cosmo Kemp is an advanced practitioner of Thai Yoga Massage. He travels and trains in Thailand every year, with qualifications from the International Training Massage School (ITM) in Chiang Mai.
He also has experience in Dynamic Thai Massage, Osteo-Thai and Chi Nei Tsang.  Having qualified with ITM he trains others to practice thai yoga massage at a professional standard.
Anna Gedre is a doula and a Ukraine based expert in women’s wellbeing. She co-teaches this thai yoga massage course and provides her insights for pregnancy and postnatal care.