“Life changing power of Yoga” with RFY Teacher Emma Smallman

Emma is Yoga Teacher based in Birmingham. Before that she was the founder of Drum n Bounce Fitness which is a high octane dance fitness class set to drum and bass music designed to get you sweating and smiling.


In the podcast Buddha on a Bicycle, Emma tells how she found herself inadvertently on the yogic path and how it’s changed her life.


The beginning of Emma’s journey was when she participated in a yoga retreat weekend in the UK where Tammy (founder of Real Flow Yoga) happened to be teaching. Emma admits that she never really enjoyed yoga that much before but did really resonate with Tammy’s flow approach.


It turned out Emma and Tammy had mutual friends and enjoyed some lovely conversations. Tammy suggested Emma come along to part one of the immersive module of the teacher training as a ‘retreat’  because it was held in Morocco and would be a nice opportunity to explore some more yoga.


Emma had no intention of actually participating in the full teacher training course and it never occurred to her to become a yoga teacher. Yet here she found herself thrust into the immersion in Morocco and suddenly her path started to unfold in front of her and there was no going back. She decided to complete the full training and soon found her feet teaching yoga regularly and deepening her practice.


“Yoga totally changed my life. Yoga gave me the strength to come out of a difficult time in my life…it also enable me to access meditation”


“I never thought I’s be a yoga teacher but now I’m so motivated and dedicated to share the practice so others may gain some of those life changing benefits”.


Listen to the Podcast episode with Emma here

Emma trained with Real Flow Yoga in 2017 and is now currently undertaking a trauma informed training with a school based in the US and now teaches yoga in recovery of alcohol and substance misuse with the plan to facilitate yoga in prisons.

You can find out more about Emma Smallman here 


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