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emma smallman

In addition to teaching yoga, Emma is an actor for an Independent Theatre Company (Geese).
Emma is also the founder of 'Drum n Bounce & Dubstretch' fitness which are high energy music and movement sessions run as classes or at events such as festivals. Emma is high energy and passionate about living and sharing an active lifestyle.

Emma Smallman


Adrianne trained as a contemporary dancer and sustained a serious back injury. Yoga became part of her therapeutics to manage her chronic pain.
Adrianne's approach to teaching yoga is both positively encouraging and inclusive. She founded Indyoga which offers community yoga classes in Berkshire.

Adrianne Nightingale

Berkshire & Surrey
katherine plunkett

Katherine is passionate about practising and teaching yoga and comes from a professional background having previously trained as a Solicitor. Katherine recognises the benefits of yoga practice as a tool to alleviate the physical and mental ailments of a working city lifestyle.

Contact: katherineyoga.info@gmail.com

Katherine Plunkett

jemma mahon

Jemma began teaching yoga in 2014 and since then her interests and love for yoga have been changing and evolving.Jemma is fascinated by mindfulness and meditation so this trickles into her teaching often. She love all styles of yoga and so the Real Flow Yoga ethos resonated with her. Find Jemma's classes at https://www.thaxtedyoga.co.uk/

Jemma Mahon

helena williams

Bringing balance to you - Providing classes and 121s in your workplace or home.
The emphasis of my teaching is on enjoying your yoga practice for its' own sake, whatever your goals. They may be balance, flexibility, strength or exercise - all can be achieved with a regular yoga practice at your own pace.

Helena Williams

Penge South East London
emily campbell

Emily is kind, compassionate and has a warm presence. She loves to travel and explore new places. Her practice and approach to teaching is fluid and flowing.

Emily Campbell

Brighton & Hove

I have practised yoga on and off for years, at first as an exercise regime but then later on appreciating the feeling of calm and wellbeing it could provide. Upon turning 50 I decided to deepen my practice and knowledge embarking on a journey that led me to the Real Flow yoga teacher training in 2018. Now as a yoga teacher I want to share the knowledge I have gained in helping myself to a better physical, mental, and emotional place by helping people develop a practice that suits them as individuals, to help them get their mojo back!

Sue Bibby


Kirsty set up F L O W S T A T E Y O G A in 2018. It's ethos lies within creating affordable yoga for everyone, and its focus is on connecting mind with body and entering into the positive mindset of Flow State. Classes are created with love and adapted to the energies and needs of students of all levels. With an energetic playlist, focused breath work, a healthy dose of yoga philosophy and meditation, you are sure to slip into Flow State...www.flowstateyoga.co.uk

Kirsty Myskow

Leyton, East London

Blanka is a certified nutritionist and Real Flow Yoga graduate.
Blanka believes that Yoga & Nutrition work in synergy and that mindfulness helps with the positive transformation.
In her dynamic and challenging classes, full of fun and intelligent sequences, she combines her nutritional knowledge of gut-brain axis with mindful Vinyasa flow to improve digestion, reduces stress and enhances positive change in body, mind, and soul of her students so that they walk away with a clear mind and sense of well-being.

As a mother of two kids, she deepened her self-practice to find a balance while juggling between a stressful full-time job in a corporate environment and motherhood.

Blanka is teaching yoga in Swiss/French border area around Basel and is providing Corporate Yoga & Nutrition workshops.

Blanka Campbell

Basel, Switzerland

JJ turned to Pilates and Yoga after years of injuries from skateboarding. He has a busy teaching schedule, offering open-level classes for both pilates and yoga. JJ really does emphasis the student-focused approach to teaching and makes his classes fun, light hearted and accessible to all. He also loves blogging on all topics movement and wellbeing and enjoys photography and filmography. www.balancedrootsmovement.com/contact

Jonathon jones

Hove, East Sussex