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Real flow yoga is an approach to yoga training, based on mindfulness, trust and authenticity to awaken intelligence of instinct, intellect and intuition.
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what is real flow?

yoga that attunes you to the flow of life

a yoga training with a difference

Real Flow Yoga is a yoga training that draws upon a wealth of knowledge from a broad range of well-established classical and contemporary yoga lineages in addition to empirical findings from positive psychology.

Real Flow Yoga is NOT a new style of yoga. Real Flow yoga is not a yoga-fusion or re-invention of yoga. It’s the culmination of a broad-ranged approach to yoga practice. The practice is made up of heat flow yoga that’s inspired  by ashtanga, prana flow, tripsichore and jivamukti and cool flow yoga that’s inspired by sivananda, hatha, yin, restorative and lunar yoga.

all of the wisdom has already been gifted to us and so Real Flow Yoga is simply an approach to yoga practice that reminds us how to access the intelligence that is innate within ourselves.

positive psychology

research from the field of positive psychology on the flow state was described by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. He identified the factors that when combined, encompass the state of flow.

commonalities in the flow-state are described within the experience such as complete involvement, being fully focused, with all of one’s attention unto one thing, being receptive and attentive to the moment. This brings a vibrancy, creativity, joy and deep involvement within ordinary daily life.

yoga philosophy

however, what Csikszentmihalyi describes is not entirely new, but are very much aligned with teachings within yoga philosophy. Therefore Real Flow Yoga goes beyond the positive psychology of the flow-state and relates the state of flow to what the yoga sutras describe in great detail:

to maintain our attention on a single-point of focus (ekagrata) leads to the cultivation of concentration (dharana) which is necessary to generate a state of meditation (dhyana), which is described as the continuous and uninterrupted stream of consciousness directed at the focal point.

sustaining meditation eventually leads to total blissful absorption (samadhi).  Whereby Subject and Object merge, duality dissolves and our sense of self expands.

“If we want to know ourselves and make sense of the world we live in, yoga is a well-tested vehicle”


– Georg Feuerstein

flow and creativity


there are traditions within yoga that also describe how the state of flow is inherent within everything. The world is described as being in continuous motion and in the constant state of change.

within Shavite Kashmiri Tantrism the creative pulsating principle is referred to in Sanskrit as ‘Spanda’. Spanda is said to manifest all of life through spontaneous, vibrating pulsation. Real Flow Yoga is essentially a way of honouring Spanda, this flow of creativity.


“when we respect the principle of change, we align ourselves with the flow of life. When we honour the flow, we align ourselves with creativity and the source of creativity itself- our true essence”



principles of Real Flow Yoga


Real Flow Yoga training respects and honours the flow-state. The ethos emphasises the cultivation of mindfulness, trust and authenticity. These 3 key qualities unlock the flow state.


Real Flow Yoga also recognises that ‘mind’ is not just head, but encompasses heart and body also. This provides the notion of intelligence also as three-fold:


Instinct of the body-mind

Intellect of the head-mind and

Intuition of the Heart-mind


thus Real Flow Yoga is a an approach to yoga practice that develops the individual’s intelligence in a way that aligns them with the universal intelligence through the flow-state.


real flow yoga ethos

yoga and flow


having the insight and skill to adapt your yoga practice in a way that really reflects, nourishes and is in flow with your life. For example, in a practical sense, this means being mindful enough to recognise when a high tempo, high intensity practice is more appropriate than a low intensity, slow tempo or vice versa.


the more mindful you become, the more you can begin to trust in yourself in the practice and ultimately this trust extends out into an unshakeable trust in the natural rhythm and ebb and flow of life.


when you arrive here, into this sacred place of alignment with the ebb and flow of life, it will be unmistakably felt. Your intuition grows stronger and you develop the conviction, confidence and courage to express yourself creatively and wholeheartedly in your own authentic and unique way.


ethos of Real Flow yoga teacher


  • real flow yoga is a student-focused approach to yoga training. the real flow yoga teacher could more accurately be described therefore as a ‘facilitator of yoga’ and consider themselves simply as a conduit of the yoga teachings in order for the student to experience yoga for themselves


  • real flow yoga seeks to create optimal living. It expands our consciousness and brings a vibrancy, creativity, joy and deep involvement within ordinary daily life.


  • real flow yoga respects the flow experience so that we become ever more ‘in flow’ in everyday life, on and off the yoga mat


  • the ethos of a real flow yoga class that it is adaptive, creative & inspiring


  • yoga is a personal journey of transformation that is and should be accessible to anyone and everyone is entitled to this, no matter the age, background or experience.

Real Flow Yoga – the Story

“everybody likes a story. My story, nor the story of how Real Flow was founded isn’t a particularly exciting or original one. In fact it’s quite an average story of patience and practice.

since the age of 14 years old I’ve practised yoga but without anyone or any deity to call my guru. At times, I felt a little sense of shame that I never devoted myself to one lineage in particular but found my interest and enthusiasm drawn to many along my path.

I would just practise whatever style or approach called to me at a phase or stage of my life, or time of day in fact!

In my teaching I felt this external pressure from the yoga industry to adhere to one lineage or conform to one style and present myself as a specialist niche teacher in this or that style because that was the done thing. There were times where I felt lost in this external pressure and representation of yoga that was in conflict to my experience of it.

but through my own journeying into mindfulness, I eventually began to trust my own instincts and from there was able to be more honest with myself and accept the fact that I wasn’t ever going to be a ‘yoga NICHE specialist’ BUT that I am entitled to my experience of yoga and what I do know of yoga, to be true.

I finally gave myself permission to express my teaching in a way that truly and authentically reflected me and my practice. Oh what a relief!

to realise that my specialism is that I’m broad-based and can flow between the many approaches gifted to us rather than having a specific niche specialism within yoga.

this flow approach to yoga training is what I hope to impart with this teacher training course for others to enjoy the same self-acceptance, honesty and freedom. Keep it Real people and let things flow!”

Tammy Mittell, Course Curator Real Flow Yoga


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