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 Further Training


for yoga teachers

fri 22nd Feb – fri 31st may 2019

Designed for already-qualified yoga teachers

Yoga Alliance Accredited CPD

Join our Real Flow Yoga Community

Deepen your Yoga practice

Refine your Teaching Skills

Enhance your career


yoga practice, the art and science of teaching and yogic ethics

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Refine your teaching. We’ll cover the ART OF alignment, verbal cues, hands-on assists & adjusts, story telling, holding space. Develop your yoga practice. We’ll delve into the SCIENCE OF advanced asana, pranayama plus the more subtle elements of practice. We’ll support you in cultivating deeper self-care and wellbeing through yogic ethics.


functional anatomy and therapeutic yoga. Yoga philosophy & history

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Build your understanding of functional anatomy. Deepen your technical understanding of the body and therapeutic yoga. Explore common pathologies. Get to know the intricacies of postures. We’ll also take our Philosophy further and examine traditional tantra philosophy in a way that brings it to life and relevant to todays yoga class.


adaptability in teaching, build community and the business of teaching

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Build your confidence. Develop your unique style and root deeper into authenticity. Learn to quickly access the flow-state to intuitively adapt to meet the needs of your students whatever the teaching context, whether 1-2-1, workshops or on retreat. Build with business know-how and network to make yoga the lifestyle career that works for you

total price is £400 and includes:

  • Initial 1-2-1 60 min consultation to discuss practice, lifestyle and career goals
  • Regular email follow-ups with your chosen mentor from Faculty
  • 20% discount off a 1-2-1 with your chosen mentor from Faculty
  • 4 x Day Retreats in Hove
  • Guidance on self-practice and creating your unique work-life balance
  • Opportunities for self-reflection, group discussion and peer-to-peer learning
  • Teaching feedback: break negative habits, build positive ones
  • Personal Branding & Marketing Strategy
  • Technical help with Website and Social Media
  • Become part of the exciting Real Flow Yoga community
  • Learn more about positive psychology and latest research on flow-state
  • Access to the full-range of vast Real Flow Yoga online resources
  • Learn to teach the 12 Real Flow Yoga sequences
  • Benefit from Real Flow Yoga branding and marketing
  • Final 1-2-1 to review to outline future work to-do

mentor group
  • 2019 DATES

    • Fri Feb 22nd Art of Hands on Teaching
    • Fri Mar 29th Art of Intuitive, creative and thematic sequencing
    • Fri Apr 26th Living Yoga Philosophy: Tantra & living abundance
    • Fri  May 24th Therapeutic Yoga: Mental wellbeing, yoga for trauma, anxiety and depression






    11am- 1pm yoga & meditation

    1pm-1:45pm wholesome home-cooked lunch

    1:45pm-4:15pm teaching lab

    4:15-4:30pm woodland mindful walk

    4:30-5:30pm yoga practice with nidra

    5:30-6:30pm fire pit satsang




     Hove, BN3 6BH