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This Pregnancy Yoga Course offers some effective practical tools to help navigate a women through from pregnancy to childbirth


The course includes:

  • Information on yoga for each trimester
  • 10 x Instructional Practices of different durations
  • 7 x  breathwork techniques as video or audio files
  • Meditation & Relaxation audio files
  • Information to prepare you for an empowered positive birth experience
  • 4 x Hypnobirthing scripts for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Birth Stories
  • Pregnancy Anatomy



The benefits of yoga practice during pregnancy include:


  • keeps the body supple without strain
  • builds strength and stamina
  • maintains joint stability
  • brings awareness to, and enhances tone of pelvic floor for to prevent tearing in labour and better postnatal recovery
  • boosts energy and combats exhaustion
  • grounding and centring to relieve stress and anxiety and calm emotional turbulence
  • relieves common minor ailments during pregnancy
    (e.g swelling (fat ankles!) , heartburn, rib pain, constipation, hip and lower back pain)
  • prevents stretch marks by increasing the elasticity of the skin
  • helps maintain balance as the centre of gravity changes
  • promotes relaxation and restful sleep and combats insomnia
  • breath awareness and control along with visual techniques help manage contractions during labour
  • hypno-birthing techniques are influenced by yoga principles and so the two are highly compatible and complimentary can help the expectant mother bond with the unborn baby through visualization techniques