3 Months

2 Locations

1 Transformative experience

Start your journey in self discovery and transformation


Embark on an exciting new career


Elevate your skills if you’re already qualified



Deepen your yoga personal practice


Become part of our community of wonderful teachers



 A unique and comprehensive training course

 Unique blended learning


This 3 month 200 hour yoga teacher training

offers a unique framework of blended learning experiences.


For the deepest experience and most optimal processing and integration so that you unlock your potential and become an exceptional yoga teacher.


We delve into instincts, intellect and intuition in different settings of immersion, online and retreat.


2 weeks abroad

intensive immersive training


The 1st Module INSTINCT is designed to awaken the intelligence of the body. It allows you to develop your yoga practice. It is an immersion set in a retreat setting abroad where you get the benefit of stepping out of your regular routines and comfort zones and a chance for adventure and exploration. This immersion is intensive and hugely beneficial as you get a real taste of what it’s like to live a yogic life as part of a community.


2 weekends

live zoom classrooms


The 2nd Module is INTELLECT is designed to activate your mind. After returning to your home after the incredible experience you’ve had on the INSTINCT module, you will settle back into your daily routines and have a chance to process what you’ve been through. Now is the time to get your head into gear and continue delving into what it takes to be a really skilled and knowledgeable yoga teacher. The INTELLECT module includes a weekend of ANATOMY and a weekend of YOGA PHILOSOPHY and is conveniently undertaken as live online classrooms sessions via zoom.


2 nights

UK countryside retreat


The 3rd Module is INTUITION which is intentionally curated to awaken the heart’s intelligence. We gather back together once again in communal living of a retreat setting this time in the UK countryside for a weekend and co-create a retreat experience. This provides the ideal context to reconnect together and close our training ceremoniously so that you go out in the world confident that you are an exceptionally well trained yoga teacher.

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200 hour yoga teacher training Mexico

We honour many yoga styles so you have the freedom to be your own style

We cover a comprehensive variety of yoga lineages, flowing from dynamic to restorative yoga.

By the time you complete the course, you’ll be amazed at what you have achieved.

you are a part of the family, part of our community

Our teacher training more than just a course with a certificate.We create a safe, supportive container for you to delve deep into self exploration and discovery.

Through our continued mentoring and peer to peer emphasis, we cultivate a nurturing environment for you to thrive. Our methodology and ethos forges a strong bond between our trainees and we form long lasting community and friendships that sustain our practice and teaching path for the long-run.

expert teaching faculty

the Real Flow yoga teachers have unique backgrounds and a diverse range of teaching and training experience that make them true authentic experts in their field. The common thread that unites the teachers is their intuitive approach to teaching and that they are all successful in leading fulfilling and rewarding careers within yoga teaching, in their own different ways.

so why do THIS teacher training?

gain broad exposure to yoga, beyond ‘styles’


  • we cover several prominent yoga lineages, both traditional and contemporary. We take a multidisciplinary approach and are inspired by unique a comprehensive range of yoga styles and movement disciplines including:

prana flow, jivamukti, ashtanga vinyasa, tripsichore, yin, sivananda, lunar yoga,  restorative yoga, pilates and primal movement


  • you will be encouraged to flow and create your own sequences but will also get to learn to teach 12 signature Real Flow Yoga Sequences:

6 Heat Flows (dynamic & high tempo)

6 Cool Flows (meditative, slow and restorative)



transformative experience


  • take time for deep self-enquiry, healing and personal growth
  • discover how yoga ethics and lifestyle can improve your life
  • access, teach yoga from and live wthin the flow-state
  • gain in-depth understanding of yoga theory, history and philosophy
  • explore functional anatomy, biomechanics and energetic alignment
  • build confidence and leave your comfort zone

yoga as your profession


you will gain:

  • real work experience
  • real opportunities for network and community building
  • real business management skills including branding & marketing
  • real support with access to pooled information &  resources
  • adaptability across settings i.e. 1-2-1’s group classes, workshops , retreats


technical yet creative teaching skills


this training provides a strong grounding in:


  • emphasis on functional and healthy movement
  • art of sequencing – create classes that are safe, effective, and inspiring
  • create classes that are logical, progressive yet creative and playful
  • structure vs. freedom and planning vs spontaneity
  • the art of eloquent verbal cues and confident and safe hand-on assists
  • understand yoga philosophy and make it real and relevant to modern life

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are you ready to apply?

have +2 years of dedicated yoga practice

are available for ALL of the module dates

(missed sessions incur additional cost)

have a thirst for knowledge and self-enquiry

open-minded, embrace challenges and have a sense of humour?

have a passion to connect and share with others?

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